Episode 13

Published on:

3rd Feb 2023

Living Working Bath

In this episode we delve into Bath’s social history exploring the world of work and housing from the industrial revolution right up to the present day.

We set the scene with Stuart Burroughs - Stuart has been the Director of the Museum of Bath at Work for the last 30 years. In a nutshell the museum celebrates the city’s commercial development since Roman times. The photographic exhibition along with some amazing reconstructed workplaces and workshops are all beautifully exhibited at the museum which opens again at weekends from 18th February 2023.

Twerton artist Diana Ahmed shows me around Twerton high street and talks about the public art project she carried out with local schools to improve her neighbourhood.

In our final feature we explore a housing estate on the south side of the city just above Twerton. Mark Batterham takes us on a walking history tour of the post-war Moorlands estate.  He co-created this walk with fellow walk leader and co-researcher Dave Pearce. The design of the Moorlands estate has been praised by architects and planners for its emphasis on space and light. The Bath Chronicle excitedly reported how 'the living rooms of the houses will face south and have a sun terrace outside'. To put it in context, when this estate was built, four out of ten British households had no fixed bath, well over a third had outside toilets and under half had a hot water tap. 


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Produced by Pommy Harmar

Photo credit: Moorlands estate, Mark Batterham





With thanks to the National Heritage Lottery for funding the podcast.

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